A Few More Pictures of Sorrento

Posted by Wynette: Here are a few pictures of Sorrento. It was the first stop on our trip and we are returning to the States tomorrow. But I wanted to post a few more things. Always hard to blog about a trip after you return home.

We took a walk above the town the first full day we were there. Here we are looking down onto the Marina Grande.


We ate a lot of sea food in Sorrento:


Here is a school bus:



Here is the main piazza (square) in Sorrento. We saw wisteria blooming all over Italy as they are here:


And here we are looking down from the top of our landing in our B&B (Magi House):



2 thoughts on “A Few More Pictures of Sorrento”

  1. I remember the ‘Marina Grande’ from out trip in 1985. We boarded the boat that took us to Capri from the wharf in the center. AND riding the bus along similar cliffs that are in the background on our way into Sorrento and thinking “I’m REALLY in Italy”! But I’ve told you about that. Mom


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