Open and Shut Case

Post by Wynette written on Sunday: We walked a bit in the Ostuni old town around noon today. We came across this little antique store we hadn’t seen before. I took pictures to show my Mom and Dad because they have had booths in an antique store in the past and have collected old tools and old glassware. The shop was tiny. Only room for one person to (barely) stand inside. Just a closet really. I found a little wooden box I liked but there was no one coming forward to sell it to us. I put it down thinking I’d check it out again on the way back after we finished our stroll. Here are some pictures of the store:



On the way back, less than an hour later, I kept my eye out for the store but went right past it. Charlie said he remembered exactly where it was. We walked back and this is what we found:


It’s a perfect example of how shops here open and close. Nearly everything closes tight around 1:00. And notice that there is no sign advertising what is behind the door. This is often true for many large modern stores as well. You can be walking down a street during the break and think there are no shops on the street. Then at 5:00 when everything opens up again it’s like a busy commercial area. This is true for small towns like Ostuni but also bigger towns like Sorrento and Lecce and Naples.


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