Morning Coffee Bar

Posted by Wynette: We don’t have wireless in our little “apartamento” in this little town of Ostuni so have had to scrounge around for internet connections. We have come across 3 coffee or food places that have free wireless (as long as you buy coffee or something) so we are doing ok. Our morning place is named “Gran Caffe Tito Schipa” (pronounced “Skeepa”). It is old, I think, and very pretty, and comfortable. We have had the two side rooms to ourselves. It truly is a bit grand. The first morning a sweet older woman waited on us. When we took out our ipad she was oohing and ahhing over it and saying “che bella” (how pretty), referring to the ipad. Here are some pictures I took yesterday morning in Gran Caffe Tito Schipa:





2 thoughts on “Morning Coffee Bar”

  1. A neat little shop! Everything looks very clean and inviting. The pastries look yummy! Did you try one? It is amazing to see the different ‘vaulted’ ceilings and arched door ways in the buildings. Charlie looks comfortable! All he needs is his book (electronic, of course)! Lotsa, Mom


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