Day at the beach

Ostuni is 6 km from the Adriatic. The beach town is called Villanova. We heard you can walk there. We took the bus down there, it took 25 minutes, hardly anyone on it. The driver let us off at this beach. There were two people there and no one else around for blocks.


just this little beach. We had planned to have lunch. We walked around and found we were in a large block of what seemed to be beach rentals. Too early in the season, no one was around. We found a bar/cafe but they only had gelato. He told us to go 100 meters or so up the road to the real Villanova.

The real Villanova was pretty much dead too. Few things were open. We finally found a restaurant open. It had a very nice patio right on the little port, with lots of private and fishing boats. No one else was on the patio, too cold for Italians the waiter said (translations by Wynette). Here is the little harbor


and another view, the patio we ate on it just to the right of large boat about a third the way around starting from the left.


We went out on the breakwater


and Wynette found a heart rock, as she always does, although it was a bit large to bring home.



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