We got to Ostuni yesterday. It is a hill town but only a couple of miles from the ocean so you can see the ocean from most parts of the town. There is, as usual, an old town and a new town but they are more integrated than they were in, say, Lecce. It is hard to tell the difference and the new town is higher on the hill than the old town (unusual).

We reserved a B&B sight unseen that had been recommended in a guide book. It turns out we were in the overflow room, which is really a little studio apartment in the new part of town. It takes five minutes to walk to the old town so that is fine.

The apartment is in an old building and has arched stone roofs that you see in a lot of old buildings.

It is a cute little place with a kitchen. Last night we went to the store and got some fresh pasta, tomatoes and pesto sauce in a grocery store. It turned out great. The pesto was as good as I have had. It is kind of like we are living in a little hill town in Italy. There are lots of stores and cafes quite close.

Ostuni Duomo


An arch looking the opposite way:


We had a lunch in a very nice place. Rather than showing the food, which we always do, we thought we would show the toilet.


and the sink


and another coffee near our apartment. They always ask if you want water with the coffee, probably for people getting the straight espresso.


Our kitchen. Watch out for the low arch.


Charlie reading on the bed. Notice the arched ceilings.


There are just six steps up from the entrance on the street.


The bathroom (more arches):


Here is our home cooked dinner:





One thought on “Ostuni”

  1. Ummmm, the food looks yummy! And so colorful. A cute little apartment that should be very comfortable!

    It seems the Italians even welcome you with a ‘smile in/on the coffee’ ! How cute!

    Now, to the square toiletta! Do you ever see anyone walking down the street with the imprint of a square toilet seat? Also, I noticed two circles above the toilet. Is each circle for different amounts of water? The larger circle for ‘heavy duty’ usage? Just wondering. Mom


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