Italy has this wonderful tradition of the passeggiata, that is, an evening walk starting an hour or two before sunset. People of all ages walk around the town from kids to grandparents, school kids, young families, everyone. They walk around, the stores are all open and so some people shop, lots of gelato is consumed as well as other treats, last night I had a cotton candy and a nutella and rice crispies crepe.

The old walled towns are ideal for this with their picturesque, winding streets. Lecce had an amazing passeggiata on Saturday night, the streets were filled, all the lights were on, there were clowns on the square making balloon animals, there were other performances, they had human statues, they had people playing instruments, and everyone is town just walking around and enjoying being with everyone else. And, for Italy, fewer people talking on cell phones as they walked.

Surprisingly it was almost as big on Sunday night. Lots of things close down in Italy on Sundays, especially any local transportation like non-national trains and buses.


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