Getting to know a town

One of the pleasures of travel is to get into a town and be confused and then, over a couple of days, figure out where everything is and where you like to go, where you like to have coffee, where the markets are, etc.

When we first got to Lecce it was windy and we had a bad initial impression of the town. It was less windy the next day and perfect the next day. We got to like Lecce a lot: very few tourists, a nice relaxing town, lots of churches.

Also we started out at a B&B where we didn’t like the room, too dark, and only stayed one day. Then we moved into the Prestige B&B and had a lovely room, up two floors, 46 narrow marble steps, which seemed like a lot at times. The room had a big window out to the street and a small balcony. It was all white and sunny and cheery. We had a great time just hanging out in the room, reading and web surfing, enjoying the day and the street sounds.


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