Electric candles

The churches around Sorrento all had electric candles: to light a candle for someone you drop your 50 cents, or whatever, into the box and flip the switch for the candle you want to light and a little electric bulb at the end of the candle goes on. I suppose they come around every once in a while and switch them all off. This seems less than satisfying to me.

In Lecce all the churches had real candles that you could light and put in the holder and they would burn down. Maybe I’m old-fashioned but they seems to be what lighting candles it all about. Well, I guess it really means I am secular and not religious because maybe what lighting candles is all about is the spiritual side of things. Whatever. You can make the same arguments for electric candles as for hot air hand dryers but I don’t like either one.

In Ostuni we are back to the electric candles.


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