Ice cream seems to play a big part in Italian life. After school we see the school kids getting gelato. In the afternoon and during the passagiata, the evening walk, you see lots of people with ice cream cones. And these are not tourists, as we said there seem to be few tourists in Lecce, the Italians just like ice cream it seems.

The ice cream is very good. Lots of interesting flavors. Just about every corner has a gelato shop. And it seems that each town has one place that is considered the best in town. In Sorrento that was Davide, here in Lecce it is Naturale.

One wonders how the Italians stay so thin. One thing is that it is mostly the younger people that are thin. And we all know how much easier it is to be thin when you are younger. The older people seem to fill out a bit, maybe it is all that ice cream.


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