Capri (Charlie)

We took a day trip to Capri yesterday. The jet boat takes 20 minutes to get there, Capri is quite close to the mainland. There are steep cliffs all around the island with only two places where you can land a boat. The Roman emperor Tiberius moved the capitol here and governed the Roman empire from Capri for 20 years. Being on an easy-to-control island helped in thwarting assassins, which he was worried about.

Here we are on the boat going over:


You land at the Marina Grande:


We took the funicular up to Capri town, very trendy. We had some coffee and took the bus to Anacapri, the other town on the island. The bus goes through the mountains on two-land cliff-on-one-side roads that would be considered one-lane roads in the US.

We had lunch at a recommended place and it was the best meal we have had so far. The restaurant was a little courtyard with kitchy statues:


We saw a nice church with a beautiful floor.



Wynette liked this tree by the main square. This kind of tree is quite common in this area.


We visited a villa built by a Swedish doctor, very pretty:


and nice furniture:


and a beautiful garden:


with amazing views:


in several directions:


and lots of flowers:


and rows of trees:


and a sphinx, sfinge in italian, which gives good luck if you rub, which we did, and which now we have:


We walked by the hotel Logan and I stayed at a few years ago when we were here.


Next we went for a very nice walk along the ocean but I’ll leave that for the next post since you are probably getting tired, and we were tired at the end of the walk. I’ll put in one spoiler: there were a LOT of stairs.


One thought on “Capri (Charlie)”

  1. Great pictures! Last month, while in Spain, we had to climb A LOT of stairs to get from the town of Puerto de la Cruz (where we were staying) and coastal area to our hotel–this happened 2-3 times a day. I kept reminding myself that it was great cardio exercise and good for my legs.


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