Our bathroom

The Magi House has high-style bathrooms. The sink is slanted with a long thin drain from right to left. Here it is:


Rather like a slanted board you would beat your clothes on. But you can’t stop the drain so you couldn’t really wash anything in the sink. Maybe this is by design. The faucet is a bit high and it is not clear which way you turn to get hot water. It takes a lot of space, is high-style, but is not necessarily more functional.

The shower is even more high-tech. Here it is:


Low on the vertical bar is a part of the bar with the small label “Open”. This turns on the shower and reveals the label “Close” that was on the side. It took a little time to find this. the hot/cold mix is controlled by a small device at the very bottom. I never found this but the water temp was fine. Wynette found it. We still haven’t figured out how to turn on the side sprayer device.


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