Trip to the phone store

Wynette: After a few misses, we finally found the store to buy Italy SIM cards for our phones. When they took the back off of Charlie’s phone to put in the new card the very nice woman who was helping us smiled and said “Do you have a dog?” She found a bunch of our dog Chindi’s hairs inside the phone! So a part of Chindi is here with us. It reminded me of when my dog Bruno died and Deborah sent me a sweet sympathy card and told me that she, several years after we had been roommates, was still finding Bruno’s hairs among her belongings.

Here are our phone numbers while we are Italy:

Wynette 333-840-2985
Charlie 333-840-2728

See earlier post about contacting us that explains about calling to Italy. They said that if someone calls us here it will not incur any charges on our cell phones. Of course, you’ll be charged on your end depending on your phone plan. But don’t worry about it costing us anything.

I still can’t figure out how Chindi’s hairs got inside Charlie’s phone.


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