The trip over to Italy

Total travel time, house to hotel room: 24 hours.
Step 1, nine hours, leave house, fly to Washington, DC. Didn’t sleep that well the night before so we are starting out tired.
Step 2, eight hours, fly to Rome. A typical tiring flight. We slept 2-3 hours. Now we are tired.
Step 3, seven hours, Rome to hotel in Sorrento. Take the Leonardo Express, not really that expressy, to the Rome train station, train to Naples. The fast, Eurostar train is 46 euro, the slower train is 22 euros, we take it, 2:15 vs 1:15 hours. Very nice ride, the Italian countryside is beautiful. It is spring and everything is green and flowering.

Rome and Naples train stations are huge and busy. We find the Circumvesuviana train and take it to Sorrento, only 3.3 euros. It is basically a city rail servicing the Bay of Naples, 34 stops in 20 miles to sorrento, the end of the line. We have our bags and are in everyone’s way but they are nice about it. Very crowded.
Eating lunch on the train to Naples:

We walk to our hotel, 15 minutes, got lost once but made it by 3 pm. We need to stay up until 8 pm. We go to dinner, very nice, grilled fish and Naples-style pizza, both excellent. We drop into bed at 8 and sleep 14.5 hours getting up at 10:30 am the next day.


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