First day in Sorrento

We went to bed at 8 pm and got up at 10:30 am. We think we are recovered from jet lag. Out B&B (Magi House) outsources the second B to the ice cream place (Davide, generally thought to be the best in town) across the street. Here is us at B:


<img src=";

While we were there a tour group came by and everyone got an ice cream sample. We chatted with a guy from the group who said the tour stayed a week in one town in Tuscany and now a week in Sorrento. From each place they take day excursions. It seems like a good way to handle it, it is nice to stay in one place for a week. They each had earphones so she could talk to them all.
We went down to the Marina Grande to have lunch. We walked down this path:


and saw this little fruit market:


This is the Marina Grande and the deck by the water is where we had lunch:


We chose one Rick Steves liked. Here we are at lunch:


It was a nice little family place, run by Emily. After lunch she sat down and asked us what we had. It added up to 41 euro and, oops, they only took cash and we didn’t have enough. “No problem” she says, “you can pay next time you come.” They gave us a receipt from the bar and again said “No problem.” Depending on your level of cynicism, either down home friendliness or clever marketing.

And this is on the way back:



2 thoughts on “First day in Sorrento”

  1. Hello! Hopefully, you have recovered from your sleepless nights. You two appear to be enjoying your coffee! The colors in the market are really lovely and bright! Will be waiting your reactions to your visit to Pompei!


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