How to contact us

email: we will be checking email every day: and

phone: we plan to get Italian phone numbers for our T-mobile phones by buying an Italian SIM card. We will add the numbers here when we get them. Also you can call the hotel we are at. We will post the hotels and numbers as we know them. The previous post has our first hotel.

How to call Italy from the US: As an example, our first hotel’s number is: 011 39 081 807 11 21, where: 011: the international direct dial access code, 39: Italy’s country code, 081: the Sorrento area, and 8091121 is the local number. If you are using some other phone service, like a calling card, there might be a different way to get international access, once you do that the rest of the number (390818071121) will be the same.

Leading 0: Italian land-line area codes all begin with a ‘0’. You must include the 0 in the number for Italian numbers. This is not true for many other European countries. BUT Italian cell phone number area codes all begin with a ‘3’, do not dial a ‘0’ calling cell phones.

Skype: Skype has very cheap rates to Italy.


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